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Stomach pain and its Islamic treatment

There are numerous potential explanations behind such pain. Gorging is one such explanation. At the point when we eat to fulfill our appetite as well as to satisfy our food longings we are bound to indulge. Nobody can make due without food. Despite the fact that food is basic for sustenance and energy, at times we experience stomach pain after eating.

Stomach disease and constant mesenteric inadequacy are such genuine conditions. These are conditions that require earnest clinical consideration. This normal issue is typically joined by abdominal pain and stomach fits. Some minor conditions can likewise legitimately bring about pain in the stomach. Difficult issues could likewise be the reason for comparative pain.

Different reasons for stomach pain

Food Poisoning

It is normally joined by a sharp pain in the abdominal zone after expending a meal. Food harming is brought about by microbes such as microscopic organisms. Food harming is an as often as possible detailed reason for stomach pain.

Food Intolerance

Lactose intolerance is where an individual encounters stomach swelling and stomach pain after devouring dairy items. One of the top reasons for pain in the stomach is food intolerance. Food intolerance is regularly accelerated by different unfavorably susceptible responses to particular sorts of food. A typical response of this sort is lactose intolerance.

An infected appendix

In the event that you speculate you have a ruptured appendix it is basic that you look for critical clinical consideration. An infected appendix’s primary indication is a sharp pain on the right half of the midsection. Different side effects that may demonstrate this condition incorporate sickness, gentle fever and retching.

Nerve stones

The pain regularly spreads fundamentally to the chest, upper right back and right shoulder. Stomach pain can likewise emerge because of the presence of nerve stones. On the off chance that you experience pain in the right half of the mid-region, at that point you most likely have the stones.


Different manifestations that can be experienced incorporate sickness, fever and a heartbeat that is on increasing speed This condition is set apart by extreme stomach pain in the stomach which comes in a flash after taking a heavy meal. The pain may likewise show up after around 6 to 12 hours after eating your strong meal. The pain happens initially around the upper abdominal territory and stretches out dynamically aside and back region.

Pancreatitis can be recognized by moment extreme abdominal pain after taking a hefty meal. The pain can likewise come six to twelve hours after having a weighty meal. The pain generally starts around the upper midsection and later advances to the sides and back. Fever, sickness and a hustling heart beat may likewise be felt.

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