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Le Saint-Sulpice Montreal and Quebec Canada

The charming boutique four-star, four diamonds feature 108 authentic and inviting suites with cachet, many of them with fireplace or a balcony. Starting from the top according to executive category suites includes a minimum of 500 square feet, with French windows completely opening onto the patio or the historic streets of Old Montreal overlooking. All suites have a living room, work desk, extra sofa bed, kitchen types equipped with Nespresso machines, flat screen TVs and comfortable duvets and spring cushions. The hotel also houses the Sinclair popular restaurant, set in the season in the beautiful courtyard garden. Restaurants, room service, concierge Clefs d’Or, parking, wireless Internet access and more: Le Saint-Sulpice Hotel Montreal, you can enjoy the best amenities.

There are many restaurants and shopping sites that are a mile from the hotel, where you will find world-class brands and kitchens. There are other beautiful attractions also for the people. The hotel ensures the privacy of its customers and offers them the maximum stay of comfort and luxury. The staff is excellently trained to care for every client. The fitness center is around the lake which provides relief for the mind and body. Also, the hotel is known for its impressive dining room. Make sure families and couples enjoy your stay with them. They also offer rooftop restaurants for customers around the lake.

Indoor and outdoor activities are also fantastic. Mountain biking, paragliding, jet skiing, boating, theater and museums and much more to make your travel adventure. The golf course and tennis court are also on the shores of the lake, where you can experience the natural beauty of Montreal with outdoor activities. The point of yoga is in front of the lake where you can enjoy the beauty of nature with the exercise. They offer luxury car customers to take their desired destinations. Just book your room; The hotel car will be picked up and dropped during your stay. The spa treatment, on the other hand, is only blowing, delivering excellent results by using minerals and stones to peel the body. Montreal is an attraction for many people. Therefore, if you visit this hotel in Montreal visit to an unforgettable experience for life.

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