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Hair fall best solution by Dr Bilquis

Hair fall is an exceptionally regular issue these days. For the most part, young ladies are stressed over it and scanning for best answer for it. in the event that, you are one of them and need to stop hair fall immediately at that point, you are at the ideal spot since today I’m going to share an extraordinary and best hair fall treatment for you. It is ensured that in the wake of utilizing it, you will get quick hair development and furthermore it makes your hair thick and solid normally.





You have to take one cucumber and a little bit of ginger.

Mix it by including water in it.

Drink it day by day.

What’s more, apply it on your hair too.

Advantages of cucumber and ginger:

Ginger is compelling for your skin, hair, and body. It won’t just make your hair long at the same time, additionally, make it gleaming and wonderful. Ginger is likewise useful in diminishing weight quick.

Cucumber is basic for your body wellbeing in this way, attempt to incorporate it in your plate of mixed greens. It will improve your stomach related framework and make you feel new and dynamic.

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