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Squat & Lunge Challenge Legs and Glutes

1000 Squad and lunch challenge to your legs will be on fire at of 10 exercises which exercise we use the complete 50 repetitions and we want to repeat again why are you ready let’s start with sometime Express 1 1 2 and 3 and just reach get so just wait and string stressed out the opposite side going as your bank interest as well IMO right last one and half an hour I want to just open up your hips get your Sab ready for the sword and chest chest to the side open open phone is out make a huge semicircle to decide and just few your hips opening up keep going left and right it work hard work before 50 repetition we will be doing this together and just shake 365 suicide and just listen others hits listening your answers wow very good and good news is that there would be no jumping Bob’s so anybody can do this challenge and taking place your goal is the complete 1000 at your own timing start with the first.

 which is business what it wants to you can also do basic what should be the path with tourist place Your Hands by your head and just give me easy squad down about bike and biker gifts and soft nice You should not go over.

nice or if you have to you can score half ok as you progress squats Deepa can you feel the glitter pen 987654321 will be take 1 hour left leg back and just lunch up and down 25 on each side of that place your hands just by hips nice and easy for your balance you Korean mix red head and you.

should feel the work on your right glutes keep going down with the floor and your body in a straight line to do not lean for ok keep it down keep going last five more 54321 and now we get the balance left leg power source tab Left Right Left back let’s go to the we are going for .

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