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An Organized Morning Routine

Cindy collapses on the couch after getting the last of all 3 kids to bed. She feels like she has been living in the fast lane lately. And no wonder, between school and the kids’ activities, Cindy is spending most of her day either getting the kids ready to go somewhere or driving in the car. The whole process is exhausting. First thing in the morning, she can’t get the kids to wake up. Well, except for 1 1/2 year old Zachary that is, who rises at 5:30 am. Next, is the battle to get everyone dressed and ready for school.

There’s the dawdling, the “I can’t find my….”, and the occasional defiant “I am not going to school today.” There are lunches to be made, shoes to find, mouths to wipe and diapers to change. It’s a wonder Cindy hasn’t pulled her hair out by 8am. Then of course they are always running late, and just when they are about to jump in the car, Nicole will remember her library book is due that day. By the time they leave, they are so late, Cindy has the pedal to the metal driving to school. And, if she had a really hectic morning and didn’t grab a snack for Zachary on the way out the door, she has the privilege of hearing him whine during the drive as well.

Today had been one of those days and in her rush to get Nicole to school, she got pulled over. When the police officer asked for her insurance card and registration, Cindy looked at him as if he were crazy. She gave him her license and while he went to run it, she was scrambling through the various glove compartments and storage areas in the car. After 10 minutes of searching, she produced a crumpled registration and 3 expired insurance cards. Cindy was given a speeding ticket and a ticket for failure to have insurance. Megan was whining about wanting to watch a movie, Zachary was crying because he was hungry, and Nicole was tardy.

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