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How to get black hair and get rid of gray hair

London: Get Rid Of Grey Hair Permanently. Your ethnic background can also explain why you’re going grey early. Research shows that Asians start getting grey hair in their late 30’s, Caucasians in the mid-’30s and African Americans in their 40’s. Your gender also plays a role – men start greying around the age of 30 whereas women start around 35.

There is a proven correlation between going grey and smoking, according to studies. One such study found that smokers are two and a half times more likely to go grey early as compared to non-smokers. Smoking is also said to be related to baldness because the chemicals present in cigarette smoke damage hair and cause hair cells to break down, as stated by The New York Times.

How to get black hair and get rid of gray hair

There is no research that explicitly states that stress causes premature greying, but stress hormones may have an effect on the melanin-producing cells which could lead to it. According to Dr. Eidelmen, stress can cause you to shed hair faster, but it’s unlikely that only the dark ones fall out.

Many people believe that if you develop grey hair early in life, you are likely to have a shorter life span, but that’s not true. There is no evidence to suggest any correlation between greying of hair and life expectancy. Hair on other parts of your body, like chest, arms, or legs, typically grey after the hair on your scalp and at different rates.

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