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How to Relieve Stomach Gas & Stomach Pain Naturally

Your health has a direct linked with the foods you eat. The use of healthy and fresh foods makes you healthy. On the other hand, the use of junk and fast foods damages your good health. The unhealthy foods if used excessively damage your stomach. It disturbs your digestion, and thus, you have to suffer from various stomach problems. The most common of these include stomach gas and feel bloated. The gas if not released keeps you disturbed. You have the feelings of heaviness, and also, you may get cramps in the stomach. In the video below, I am going to share with you simple home remedies to relieve stomach gas & stomach pain. Make and use the remedy, and have a healthy stomach.

Home Remedies to Cure Stomach Gas Issue

  • In a glass of water or milk, add a spoon of Pysllium in the breakfast. It gives you instant relief.
  • Roast two spoons of fennel seeds, and have one spoon twice daily. The use of fennel seeds is amazing to relieve stomach gas and keep stomach healthy.
  • Use tea in the morning. The use of tea in breakfast is also good to keep digestive system healthy and active.
  • Use cardamom powder with water. This helps to treat indigestion and bloating.
  • Have fennel seeds tea. Use the tea in your daily diet, and it cures all of stomach problems.
  • Use garlic soup and use more turmeric in foods to prevent stomach gas and bloating.
  • Make tea of carom seeds, fennel seeds, mint, and black pepper. Use it daily, and it will keep your stomach healthy.

These home remedies to relieve stomach gas are very effective. Try these and stay healthy.

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