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Define Love For a Husband-Wife

Adulthood has been identified to be the happiest life stage there is. It encompasses different exciting but solvable life challenges, lots and lots of opportunities for a far better life if your life is already at its good side, and of course, the kind of happiness marriage offers.

Yes, not everyone is happy with their marriages, but that is because they either made a wrong choice of spouse, or rushed into things with their heads only an inch above water. For those who have been happily married for a long time, who still have marriage-related problems but are not big enough to make the earth shake, the presentation of this love either has become stale or is not being done anywhere. This is not because love is not present anymore, it is; it is just that it has reached the time where its mere presentation has become neglected.

If you love your husband or wife, do not just say or show affection just to make him or her shut up. You have to actually mean it. Love is not something to toy around and play with. It is a serious emotion and must be taken seriously, how ever comedic your life as a couple could be.


Especially for those who have been married for a very long time, and you would know who these people are if you knew that their youngest kid, among seven, has just graduated high school, both of them have to remind each other regarding their love for each other.

It is not that they have purposefully forgotten to show each other their love; it is just that, as the whole world knows, or at least those who have been finely educated, age brings bad effects to the memories of people. As people grow older, a specific center in the brain starts to tone down its maximum functioning, and people start forgetting.

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