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Get Rid of House Lizards and Geckos with Home Remedies

Coffee powder bombs: Chipkali Ko Bhagane Ka Tarika. Think of this remedy as creating your very own gunpowder to shoo away any and all lizards. Mix coffee powder with some crushed tobacco, and prepare small balls of this mixture. Next, fix these balls on toothpicks or any other sharp, pointy object that can be placed in small nooks and crannies. Leave these toothpicks for lizards to consume; they will die instantly.

Naphthalene balls: Naphthalene balls are often put in storage suitcases to keep insects away, but the same principle applies when it comes to driving lizards away. Naphthalene balls act as a great pest controller and should be placed in your wardrobes and cupboards. To ensure that these are out of children’s reach; else you’ll be putting your child’s life in danger too.

Get Rid of House Lizards and Geckos with Home Remedies

Eggshells: Egg shells help in tricking lizards to abandon their usual spot, since they assume that another being is now living in that area. Place an egg shell on a plastic pizza tripod/pizza saver that you receive with any home delivered pizza; this will help keep the egg shell in place while you can also move it around without much hassle. It is generally a good practice to change the egg shells once every month.

Garlic: Much like onions, garlic too drives away lizards. You can use garlic in one of two ways: either place cloves of garlic in various spots, or spray an onion-garlic mixture in various places. To create the mixture, add onion juice, water and a few drops of garlic essence. Pour the mixture into a spray gun and shake well. You should now be able to spray it in vulnerable corners in your home.

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