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Goat Trotters – Clean Trotters Paya of Cow or Goat

Lahore: The thought of paya alone is enough to excite many a seasoned foodies. A most loved and widely enjoyed local delicacy; Paya is made with the ‘feet’ – usually called hooves or trotters- of a cow, goat or lamb which are stewed over a long period with some spices. What you get is a bowl of bone stew, rich and glutinous, warm and comforting and an absolute delight for the taste buds.

A legacy of the Persians (bless them!), readily adapted into the local cuisine by Muslim cooks of the subcontinent and here we are! Paaye are now widely enjoyed in Pakistan, Bangladesh and India. Watch the following video to learn on how to How to Clean Trotters Paya of Cow or Goat at Home.

Goat Trotters – Clean Trotters Paya of Cow or Goat

Certain disrepute surrounds this humble dish, many claiming that it raises cholesterol, yet no evidence has been found to support this hearsay. On the contrary it is a nutrient-rich dish with the benefits of minerals and amino acids to support joint health and strengthen the body immunity.

It is also enriched with Collagen which aids in hair and skin as well as digestive health. Paaye enthusiasts would agree with me when I say; a bowl of this glorious broth is an absolute mood lifter.

It all comes down to how you cook it. Traditionally it is cooked for long hours over a stove which is really what brings out the richness and the gelatinous texture but it is possible to achieve brilliant results using a pressure cooker as well. via tribune.

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